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20 Jul 2019

PAC Composites Hot Drape Former Northern Ireland

PAC Composites recently provided a global leader in aerospace manufacture with an infra-red vacuum hot drape former to process their carbon composite wing skins.

This technology, along with PAC’s patented control system, has allowed the client to preform these parts out of the autoclave. This has led to a 75% reduction of cycle time, with energy usage also greatly reduced.

PAC Composites were able to install the machine in the midst of a functioning clean room, in a production area. An environmental booth was built to protect the conditions within the facility and to ensure that both temperature and humidity remain unaffected during the process.

PAC have included a full 3 year support package in the project, which gives the end user peace of mind and security for their business needs.

All process parameters are logged for each batch and are available on the client's network for full NADCAP traceability.

Contact our team today for more information on our hot drape forming machines, or to discuss your specific requirements with our specialist engineers.

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