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15 May 2020

ZoneSafe Social Distancing Solution

The ZoneSafe Person to Person (P2P) Social Distancing System can help you create a safer place to work.

As we adapt to working within a new 'normal', businesses are looking for solutions that can help them to implement and enforce social distancing guidelines. The ZoneSafe P2P Social Distancing Solution helps your employees maintain a 2 metre safe working zone by immediately alerting individuals of a breach of safe distance via wearable tags that provide vibration feedback.

Safe Zone P2 P Social Distancing Icons

Benefits of ZoneSafe P2P

  • Helps maintain a two metre safe zone between workers to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Immediately and actively warns workers of a breach by vibration to reduce person to person contact.
  • Full 360° detection zone - encourages employees to maintain spatial awareness.
  • Contributes to improved health and safety practices on-site and in enclosed offices and workshops.
  • Quick to setup and deploy.
  • Optional integration of flashing LED hi-viz vest.
  • Fully custom to suit the needs of your work environment and workforce.
Zone Safe P2 P Social Distancing Solution

Rechargeable Devices

ZoneSafe P2P tags are quickly charged through convenient QI wireless chargers. Charge individual or multiple devices without connecting wires or replacing batteries.

Active Radio Frequency Technology

ZoneSafe P2P uses proven and reliable Active RFID technology. ZoneSafe proximity warning systems are trusted and used by customers globally within manufacturing, construction, waste & recycling, utilities, warehousing, distribution and aviation.

Access & Density Control

ZoneSafe P2P can control access and limit the number of people entering a work area. Restricting access reduces overcrowding and maintains minimum distances. Can be used as a primary or secondary control on entry points such as doors, swing gates, and turnstiles.

Actively Maintain Safe Distances

Each worker wears a ZoneSafe P2P tag. When a P2P tag detects another P2P tag within a 2 metre distance, a vibration alert is activated to indicate there is a risk of contact. The vibration ceases when P2P tags no longer breach the minimum threshold.

ZoneSafe P2P helps reduce contact between workers, encourage spatial awareness, and ensure safe distances are maintained while carrying out work.

Darren Leslie, PAC Group Business Development Director, said:

"Many of our customers are wanting to get back to work safely - we have introduced a range of new products and complimentary services that will provide our customers, across all sectors, with important, risk-based mitigation systems. These systems can improve workplace safety, help to enable social distancing, and provide peace of mind to their employees that reasonable steps are being taken to help control the spread of Coronavirus. ZoneSafe is just one of our new products and services, which includes UV-C disinfection systems and thermal monitoring systems. We want to do what we can to help employers and employees across Northern Ireland get safely back to work.”

For more information, or to request a quote, contact us today on 02893 364600, or email

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