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Our spray booths range from small, low-cost booths right through to large and highly sophisticated options that are custom designed and built. We manufacture spray booths and mixing rooms for a wide range of businesses, including the aerospace sector.

All PAC spray booths are custom-designed and built according to specific customer requirements; as a result, they are suitable for many different applications, ranging from batch-production of small parts through to fully-automated conveyor systems for high production volumes.

The PAC aerospace spray booth can be provided with air replacement systems, generally with fully modulating heating. We can also provide air-handling solutions to include humidification, chilling, de-humidification, and air filters. This ensures optimum air quality for each manufacturing process.

Our spray booths are supplied with high-efficiency inlet filtration to ensure the highest possible air quality within the cabin, as well as standard PAC LED Lighting to ensure high levels of illumination with excellent colour rendition.

Our aerospace spray booth systems are fully compliant to AMS2750D Aerospace Standards.

PAC spray booths can operate with a basic control system, or a high-end control system can be included in the specification as part of a cost-effective package. This can include touch screens, SCADA systems allowing full process control, variable speed drives, and automatic balance of spray booth pressures. NADCAP standards can be met with Eurotherm data logging of the spray booth environmental conditions.

Are you in need of a custom spray booth for your aerospace business? Talk to one of our expert engineers today to see how we can help.

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