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Our commercial paint spray booths come with a wide range of pioneering features, ensuring a consistently brilliant and robust finish, greatly reduced cycle times, and – most importantly of all – huge savings in energy consumption and running costs.

With our highly experienced and specialised team of Engineers, we can custom design, build, and install a bespoke commercial spray booth to suit your business needs, both in terms of size and performance.

As a company with a strong customer service ethos, our approach and process is the same every time – we’ll work closely with you to design and build exactly the right spray booth to suit the specific needs of your business.

We know that just as no two businesses are ever the same, no two commercial spray booths are ever the same. That’s exactly why, when we first meet to discuss your spray booth needs, we always take time to find out all about your business requirements. Why? Because we want to design the best spray booth for your needs that offers excellent value for money.

Are you in need of a custom spray booth solution for your business? Talk to one of our expert engineers today and see how we can help.

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