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We design, manufacture, install, service, and maintain high quality paint spray facilities for a wide range of clients. We understand the needs of our customers, which often include driving down operational costs, increasing production, preventing downtime, and retaining the quality of the finished product.

We have developed spraying technologies to cater for these requirements, which can be incorporated into any of our bespoke and custom-designed spray booth solutions. Many can also be retrofitted to existing spray systems.

Rapid Cure

Drying and flash-off times can be accelerated with the application of an advanced curing blower system. Air is discharged at the work piece at high velocity, creating turbulence to help draw moisture from water-based products and solvent away from the painted surface. This feature also assists with temperature conformity.

Rapid Cure reduces cycle times between paint coats and reduces the bake cycle by up to 40%, depending on the product being applied. This not only increases productivity but also significantly reduces running costs per finished item. Rapid Cure can be mounted between lights on the side walls and in the corners of the booth, so it can be adapted to almost any location as a retrofit item.


The use of Variable Speed Drives on all motors, instead of traditional direct online fixed speed controls, allows for more flexibility in the running of the booth. Ramping fans up instead of running them at full speed at start up helps to prolong the life of belts on belt-driven fans. In addition, running the fans to guarantee only the air flow you require means lower energy bills.

EQ Mode

This low-cost added extra can help you make further energy savings. EQ Mode is initiated when the system detects that paint is not being applied and the booth is not currently in use. The fans are ramped down to a very low speed until normal operation is resumed. In addition, during EQ Mode, heat can be recirculated rather than being lost. When operations are resumed, heat will revert to normal settings.

LED Lighting

We know the lighting inside a booth is critical for paint finish quality. LED lighting provides better quality light for the operator to perfect their finish, but it also ensures cost savings due to significantly lower energy consumption in comparison to standard light fittings, as well as a longer lifespan with reduced maintenance costs.

PAC Package Plant

PAC Package Plant comes as standard on all of our spray booths. We use well-known and industry-leading package plant, such as Midland fans and Lanemark burners. This means a broad range of spares and servicing capabilities are available to you. In addition, we offer a 24/7 callout service for our customers to give you peace of mind.

Are you in need of a custom spray booth solution for your business? Talk to one of our expert Engineers today to see how we can help.

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